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Careers at World Food Marketplace

At World Food Marketplace, our aim is to stand out as the top-tier purveyor of quality food in Columbia, South Carolina. With this objective in mind, we pledge to:

1. Wholeheartedly prioritize delivering exceptional value to our customers.
2. Show zero tolerance for wastage in our operations.
3. Show unwavering dedication to upholding the dignity, worth, and job stability of our team members.
4. Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the utmost standards of stewardship for the benefit of our shareholders.
5. Actively engage as responsible community members, contributing positively to our localities.


Grocery Store Staff

Current Openings

Position: Part-Time Cashier

Join our team as a Part-Time Cashier and become an integral part of our dynamic retail environment. As a Part-Time Cashier, you will be at the forefront of customer interactions, ensuring seamless transactions and providing exceptional service. Your keen attention to detail and friendly demeanor will create a positive shopping experience for our patrons. This role offers a flexible schedule, making it an ideal opportunity for individuals seeking to balance work with other commitments. If you're a motivated individual with excellent communication skills and a passion for delivering top-notch customer service, we invite you to apply and contribute to our welcoming and customer-focused team.

Position: Part-Time Produce Manager

Enrich our team by stepping into the role of Part-Time Produce Manager, where you will play a pivotal role in curating an exceptional fresh produce section. As a Part-Time Produce Manager, you'll showcase your expertise in maintaining the quality and presentation of our produce offerings, ensuring that our customers have access to the finest and most vibrant selection. Your passion for all things produce, combined with your organizational skills, will drive the success of this crucial department. This position is perfect for individuals seeking a part-time commitment while actively contributing to the overall growth and reputation of our store. If you possess a deep appreciation for fresh, high-quality produce and have a knack for inspiring and leading a team, we encourage you to apply and be a driving force in our pursuit of excellence.

Position: Daytime Part-Time Grocery Day Stocker

Elevate our team by embracing the role of a Daytime Part-Time Grocery Day Stocker, where you will be an essential contributor to maintaining the shelves of our store in peak condition. As a Daytime Part-Time Grocery Day Stocker, you'll take the lead in ensuring our customers always find a well-organized and fully stocked grocery section during their daytime visits. Your dedication to precision and efficiency will play a crucial role in creating a seamless shopping experience. This position offers flexible hours, making it an ideal choice for those seeking part-time employment during the daytime hours. If you have a strong work ethic, an eye for detail, and a passion for contributing to the overall success of our store, we encourage you to apply and be an integral part of our team committed to delivering top-tier service.

You make our store!

In closing, our team members are undeniably the cornerstone of our success. Their unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and unique contributions are the driving force behind every achievement we celebrate. It's their collective commitment to excellence, their diverse skills and perspectives, and their shared passion for our mission that propels us forward. Our team members don't just fill roles; they bring life, creativity, and heart to everything they do. Each one is a pivotal piece of the puzzle, working together harmoniously to shape our success story. As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our appreciation for each team member's role in our journey, and we continue to recognize their significance in every achievement we reach.

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